Cresatech CuTS® monitors earthing infrastructure on electricity substations for theft or damage in real time, alerting to the risk for employees and the public, of death or serious harm.

Prevention of avoidable risk is mandatory in most countries including the UK, USA and Europe. The UK statute is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and under new sentencing guidelines that came into force on the 1st February 2016, failure to prevent avoidable risks of death or serious harm can result in unlimited fines up to and in excess of £100M. Cresatech CuTS®.

  • Protecting staff and public from death and serious injury
  • Minimising outage risk and unplanned maintenance
  • Reducing consequential damages and other financial loss
  • CuTS® – Detecting earthing theft and degradation as it happens
  • Reports degradation of safety infrastructure
  • Integrates with existing security & control infrastructure e.g SCADA
  • Reports degradation of safety infrastructure
  • Proactively anticipate faults / optimise maintenance
  • Root cause analysis
  • Quick fault resolution
  • Reduce operational down time for services
  • Meet contractual performance commitments

Product Description

Cresatech CuTS® is a scalable solution designed for service environments where safety and continuity are paramount. CuTS® technology monitors earthing infrastructure in real time for theft, degradation and failure providing operating companies with immediate, accurate intelligence on asset status. Enhancing site safety protects staff and public from death and serious injury, minimises outage risk and unplanned maintenance thereby reducing consequential damages and other financial loss.

CuTS® monitors metallic infrastructure for change due to cutting/removal, damage or degradation. The CuTS® tamperproof module incorporates a unique and patented inductance sensor that is sensitive to small changes in inductance down to 0.02 micro Henrys. When the sense wires detect a change beyond pre-set and adjustable thresholds, the unit alarm is activated. Filter intelligence and thresholds are designed to ensure normal operating conditions and other events do not result in false alarms. The unit has been designed to manage non relevant spurious site conditions such as voltages, ground connectivity, fault conditions or electrical discharges.

Set up of the system for each application/ installation is achieved through simple tuning/ adjustment at installation via the CuTS® management interface.  This management software provides manual tuning options, as well as enabling real time assessment of the monitoring of a site either locally or remotely. The unit includes a M2M modem which is used to communicate alerts and configure/manage the unit.


Network Options include: Site SCADA, GSM/GPRS modem, SIGFOX.

Power supply: 12V DC

Enclosure: Moulded plastic housing

Size: 300mm x 220mm x 180mm

Weight: 1Kg

Environmental conditions: -20 to +50°C operating; –20 to +70°C storage.
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing

Remote configuration: Through CuTS® secure management platform (PaaS)



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