• CuTS® Overhead Line Monitoring

    Our CuTS® solutions provide immediate notification of the disconnection, removal or disturbance of site grounding or other power infrastructure.

Overhead Line Monitoring

“CuTS® LV – Monitoring and detection in real time of LV cable theft
and power outages on power distribution networks.”

The CuTS® LV range assists network operators in maximising service availability through notification of theft or damage to power delivery cables.

In addition, the CuTS® LV provides real time status of power service delivery. In combination with the CuTS® services platform, the CuTS® LV is a very effective but low cost service delivery status tool that improves customer service, reduces engineering costs and enhances safety.

Cresatech CuTS® LV assists network operators in maximising service availability, through notification of ‘service power down’ and  when the LV cables have been damaged or stolen. Installed at the customer premises on the network side of the meter, the CuTS® LV remote unit monitors the single or three phase supply lines.

On site and centralised analysis of the monitoring information, provides sufficient intelligence to determine the type of event if service delivery is compromised; events such as LV cable damage or theft, a failure within the distribution infrastructure or a widespread supply issue.

Communication is via a GPRS connection enabling both site interrogation and information and alarm reporting back to the network control centre.

Real time Electrical Power Intelligence

Overhead power lines on the LV network are frequently in exposed, isolate and remote areas. They are very susceptible to damage from falling branches and trees and acts of vandalism and theft. Cresatech CuTS® LV is a low cost monitoring solution developed in association with the Power industry to monitor and alert in real time on damage or degradation of the LV network.

  • Enhance Site safety
  • Customer delivery
  • Generation performance
  • Network performance


Key Benefits

  • Status of delivered AC
  • Presence of Neutral/Earth
  • Inter-phase voltage relationships
  • Phase angles
  • Phase conductor theft
  • Transformer earth theft
  • Frequency of delivered power

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