New partnership with Briggs & Forrester group

Cresatech announce a new strategic investment and partnership with Briggs & Forrester group, in a deal which could result in Briggs & Forrester acquiring up to 22% of Cresatech.

Briggs & Forrester is one of the UK’s leading building services engineering companies with a turnover of over £170m ($260m). Their reputation has been achieved through a high quality, results orientated approach combined with today’s growing emphasis on energy efficiency, energy conservation and other environmental issues. The group provides a range of specialist skills encompassing engineering, design, installation and maintenance to commercial and industrial customers. The combined experience, knowledge and expertise of the group has enabled it to develop and implement fully-integrated solutions for some of the most complex and demanding mechanical, electrical and public health engineering installations.

Cresatech specialises in the provision of monitoring technology to the commercial, industrial and utility sectors. Our award winning product, CuTS®, is a unique patented system for monitoring the integrity of critical grounding infrastructure. It is a valuable tool in ensuring the safety, security and efficient operation of substation sites and is now in use with utility companies in the UK and the USA. In addition, InSight is a solution designed for commercial and industrial environments that continuously monitors single and three phase electricity supply, providing valuable data on usage and supply quality. The system allows customers to achieve significant savings by benchmarking their own usage and efficiency as well as measuring the quality of the supply delivered by the electricity distribution network operator (DNO).  The monitoring service is delivered through a secure cloud based platform which provides rich data and reporting to customers via web browser and automated alerts that can be easily configured to customer requirements.

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