Doble Training Conference Gave Utility Pro’s First Look at CuTS Copper Theft Technology

Copper theft is still a mounting problem for utility companies. During Doble Conference Expo hours, we met with substations managers and technicians who shared some of their own experiences with copper theft.

From petty thieves cutting grounds for a $250 trade-in profit, to organized crime stripping an entire substation for a loss of $250,000 in copper alone. For the utility provider, such losses are devastating. With copper theft reports coming to us weekly from the U.S, Canada and U.K., the interest and demand for Cresatech CuTS technology continues to swell.

One important take-away from the conference was the response to our cost outlook. With some utility substation managers citing failed theft prevention costs already into +$100,000, our  CuTS technology rollout cost of between $3,000-$20,000 was a real eye opener. CuTs technology is a low cost solution to copper theft.


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