• Cresatech Power Quality

    Real time monitoring of power quality, availability and reliability.

Power Quality

“Cresatech PQ – Power Quality Solution”

Cresatech PQ is a low cost power condition monitor providing the tools you need to meet higher power quality targets by comprehensively analysing and isolating power quality-related issues.

Advanced meters strategically located at customer service entrances and substations capture and store data on a wide variety of characteristics. Meters instantly categorise events on-board, then upload compliance indicators and all relevant supporting data to system software for analysis and reporting.

Consumers can monitor electrical power quality as delivered, verify compliance to specification and providing supporting evidence should compensation disputes arise.

Power quality issues can be complex and require deeper analysis as more advanced generation and load-control techniques are employed.

Big consumers of electricity need higher levels of power quality information due to the growing sophistication and sensitivity of their process controls.

Customers need a power monitoring system to help track and investigate frequency stability, voltage variations, and other conditions to maintain a high level of power quality and resolve issues before a problem develops.

The cost to business of poor quality power is reduction of plant and equipment life through overheating, reduced fundamental frequency system capacity, degraded motor performance, tripped sensitive loads, blown fuses; cycling UPS and telecommunications interference.

Cresatech PQ

Real Time Status of Power Service Delivery

  • Status of delivered AC
  • Presence of Neutral/Earth
  • Inter-phase voltage relationships
  • Phase angles
  • Phase conductor theft
  • Transformer earth theft
  • Frequency of delivered power

We offer a completely managed service

Our managed service provides secure access to all of the functionality of the CuTS® devices over wireless networks.

Alerts can be managed quickly and effectively using our customised traffic light system.

Wireless Device Management
Management of the CuTS® units over any network via a secure IPSEC VPN.

Graphic User Interface
Map views and lists with easy to use tiles showing all alerts, enabling a rapid response to any situation. Accessed via secure IPSEC VPN.

Alert Management
CuTS® tamper, power, battery and communications alerts with context sensitive menus.

Asset Tracking
Database of every CuTS®  unit and module, with site ID if deployed.

Installation and Configuration
Support for installation engineers with access to configuration window for each device and best practice.

Maintenance Management
Maintenance status with alarm suppression.

Application Integration
Integration capabilities for data and management functions via REST APIs.

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