Entergy & Cresatech are presenting at the 10th CEATI Grounding conference in Anaheim CA

Entergy & Cresatech are presenting at the 10th CEATI Grounding conference on the deployment of Cresatech CuTS® at Entergy’s state of the art test and training

ScottishPower report success with Cresatech earth monitor

ScottishPower publish substation earth monitoring report following the successful project with Cresatech CuTS® ZM.

The report from ScottishPower Energy Networks, published on 18th July 2016 provides confirmation that the Cresatech CuTS® unit and service is a viable solution for the detection and mitigation of safety impact and service continuity issues that result from metal infrastructure theft from electrical networks.” It “highlighted that it is possible to monitor substation assets through the use of an innovative monitoring system.”

The pervasive security, safety and service continuity issues generated by metal theft have driven power network operator’s requirements for a cost effective method of detecting such theft activity as it happens.

Cresatech CuTS® ZM sends a real time alert as the theft events occur so safety and service risks can be mitigated in the most suitable and effective manner.

“Liaising with the local districts, utilising local knowledge and reviewing past history of vandalism and theft, a number of substation locations were chosen for the trial. The locations were reviewed to ensure their suitability and an installation plan was developed with regards to available internal resources. This approach enabled the monitors to be evaluated against conventional alternative preventative measures and also increased the chance that they would be triggered for an actual theft occurrence.”

Key conclusions quoted directly from the report;

“During the trial period there was not a copper theft incident at any of the chosen 25 sites. However, a number of preplanned and random tests were carried out to simulate the removal or tampering of earthed infrastructure. These tests proved the Cresatech CuTS® system effectively detected removal or tampering of the earthed infrastructure.”

The trial successfully proved;

  • The successful and reliable detection of copper theft and tampering at key substation locations either through test simulations or actual events.
  • Low incidences of mal-operation and spurious alarms”

It was concluded that “The (Cresatech CuTS®) monitors adequately detected when earthing was removed or tampered with during testing”

“Remote monitoring technologies in general are likely to support multiple business cases, potentially across multiple stakeholders.  In the case of this project in addition to security, it has become clear that other benefits include;

  • Safety (for employees and public on-site and further downstream in the network); and
  • Operational efficiency (for example, asset protection, planned maintenance etc.) “


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New partnership with Briggs & Forrester group

Cresatech announce a new strategic investment and partnership with Briggs & Forrester group, in a deal which could result in Briggs & Forrester acquiring up to 22% of Cresatech.

Briggs & Forrester is one of the UK’s leading building services engineering companies with a turnover of over £170m ($260m). Their reputation has been achieved through a high quality, results orientated approach combined with today’s growing emphasis on energy efficiency, energy conservation and other environmental issues. The group provides a range of specialist skills encompassing engineering, design, installation and maintenance to commercial and industrial customers. The combined experience, knowledge and expertise of the group has enabled it to develop and implement fully-integrated solutions for some of the most complex and demanding mechanical, electrical and public health engineering installations.

Cresatech specialises in the provision of monitoring technology to the commercial, industrial and utility sectors. Our award winning product, CuTS®, is a unique patented system for monitoring the integrity of critical grounding infrastructure. It is a valuable tool in ensuring the safety, security and efficient operation of substation sites and is now in use with utility companies in the UK and the USA. In addition, InSight is a solution designed for commercial and industrial environments that continuously monitors single and three phase electricity supply, providing valuable data on usage and supply quality. The system allows customers to achieve significant savings by benchmarking their own usage and efficiency as well as measuring the quality of the supply delivered by the electricity distribution network operator (DNO).  The monitoring service is delivered through a secure cloud based platform which provides rich data and reporting to customers via web browser and automated alerts that can be easily configured to customer requirements.

Cresatech CuTS Named 2015 Energy Innovation Finalist

Cresatech CuTS ZM® Named 2015 UK Energy Innovation Award Finalist

Cresatech CuTS® platform recognized in “Best Safety Innovation Technology” category by distinguished panel of judges
London, UK- April 14, 2015., the industry leader in innovative substation safety at the world’s largest electric utilities, rail and telecommunications providers, announced today that it was named a finalist in the 2015 UK Energy Innovation Awards for “Best Safety Innovation Technology.” The shortlist was released by the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) earlier this month and winners will be awarded during a ceremony in Manchester on April 30, 2015.

“We are honored to be shortlisted for one of the most competitive categories in the 2015 UK Energy Innovation Awards – Safety”, commented Cresatech CEO Simon Nash. “CuTS ZM is rapidly establishing itself as the technology of choice for utilities in monitoring substation grounding infrastructure. Our technology not only allows rapid resolution of outages due to loss of grounding integrity, but more importantly can prevent otherwise undetected problems becoming potential disasters in the transmission and delivery network. We are excited to see early adoption of CuTS ZM, and its recognition as a developing critical technology for utilities worldwide.”

“The volume and quality of award entries we receive are always good indicators of how well the energy sector is keeping up with the pace of innovation and this year has been particularly encouraging,” said Denise Massey, Managing Director at the Energy Innovation Centre. “I’ve been struck by the number of ideas and technologies being developed within both the national and global SME communities, and also by the contribution of the energy companies and Ofgem in the growth of these SMEs at a time when there is little alternative investment available to them.”
With an exceptionally high number of entries in each of this year’s extended list of 14 categories, entry figures overall are up 43% on 2014.

The shortlist includes over 62 innovative technologies, projects and firms from across the electricity, gas and offshore renewables sectors.
Senior level industry leaders met to judge the submissions this year. The judges included:

  • Mark Horsley, CEO of Northern Gas Networks
  • John Morea, CEO of Scotia Gas Networks plc
  • Denise Massey, Managing Director at the Energy Innovation Centre
  • James Stacey, Head of Sustainability at Earth Capital Partners
  • Nick Smailes, Lead Technologist at Energy Systems, Innovate UK
  • Steve Edwards, Head of Regulation at Wales & West Utilities Ltd

To learn more about these awards, visit UK Energy Innovation Centre website.

About Cresatech

Cresatech CuTS® is a sensing technology that monitors your site infrastructure 24 hours a day. Its active monitoring provides alerts and other information directly to your operations team whenever the monitored infrastructure becomes compromised, whether through theft or damage.
The unique patented technology was sponsored by, and developed in collaboration with the electricity distribution industry as a direct response to the lack of appropriate technology available. As a result, it is the only technology capable of delivering the operational, safety and risk mitigation benefits demanded by the industry. It has been developed as a cost effective solution which is capable of wide deployment across networks.

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