Cresatech CuTS® Copper Theft Detection Delivers First Look at the European Utility Week Innovation Hub

Amsterdam, NE Next week kicks off one the biggest events in energy and utilities-European Utility Week

Cresatech CuTS® has been rolling out with new to market copper theft detection technology in the U.K. and U.S. with favorable results. There is a strong outlook for CuTS® proprietary sensing device. Metal theft is a worldwide problem. CuTS® is an innovative system designed to protect and monitor service environments where safety and continuity are paramount.
The solution provides immediate notification of the disconnection, removal or disturbance of site grounding or other power infrastructure. As a result, it is a highly effective tool in the battle against copper theft – minimising the operational, service and safety impact of theft on critical service networks.
The CuTS® product family encompasses a number of applications and variants to enable monitoring of metallic infrastructure at risk from removal. The most popular product is CuTS® ZM, which is a completely scalable solution, capable of monitoring large sites such as electrical substations, where the grounding infrastructure is extensive both in area and complexity.

he implementation of CuTS® ground infrastructure monitoring technology divides the site into a number of individual monitoring zones. This allows the detection of the removal of grounding material from all areas of such sites and provides more accurate location details of the alarm event.
With mounting interest in CuTS® ZM, Cresatech Advisor and industry expert Brian Shewan and Product Manager Iain Warner will be available at European Utility Week to answer both industry and engineering questions from the marketplace. Find Cresatech in the Innovation Hub.
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